Chicken & Vegetable Pie

Aussie Lamb Pie

So what’s an Aussie Pie, Mate?

Aussie Pies is the national dish of Australia and New Zealand. Ask any Aussie native and he’ll tell you that these delicious “meat encased in a flaky pastry crust” in many varieties can be found in nearly every restaurant, café, deli or grocery store throughout the Land Down Under. Lamb is plentiful there and Australians love Aussie Lamb Pies.

Now, the Morrison Meat Pie Company has duplicated this pie using tasty, nutritious American Spring Lamb, added peas and potatoes in a delicious gravy accented with Rosemary and Mint baked to perfection in flaky pastry. These pies are loved by Aussies and Americans alike and are a true Traveler’s Pie---just heat in the microwavable sleeve and go. No fuss, no mess---just a delicious meal made from fresh, wholesome ingredients and no additives! Try some today, and they are sure to make a believer out of you!